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The game’s storyline takes place in the near future, where medicine is on the threshold of the greatest discovery. Dr. Arcane Noid has developed a technology that allows to reduce objects to microscopic sizes, with the help of this you can get rid of any harmful creatures inside the human body. The player is invited to test himself as a volunteer pilot

At the moment the player has access to one location – the heart, which includes 60 levels. As the project develops, a number of locations with new mechanics and bosses will be added. Every 20 levels, the player will have to fight the boss, who will become stronger and increase their arsenal of skills with every battle. To facilitate level passing, the player can use a variety of bonuses, such as “rocket bombardment”, “fireball”, “machine gun” and many others, that can be obtained with in-game currency or from chests located within the levels. The game has three types of levels: break (destroy everything), collect (save friends) and beat (defeat boss). It is possible to buy a starter pack, which includes a set of bonuses, in-game currency and a “magnet”, which attracts to the ship the stars that fall out when bacteria are destroyed.
The game has integrated currency that can be spent on bonuses, extra lives, restoring energy lost during the level or to increase the maximum energy capacity. There is a system of rewards for watching videos. For example, if you lose, the game will invite the player to watch a video for an additional life. Additionally, there is built-in advertising between levels.
At this stage, the game does not include characters (the professor and the pilot), dialog boxes, a number of bacteria mechanics (eg. the moving blocks, coloring blocks, energy gates), some bonuses (eg. the protective force field, ball speed slowing down). All of the above and more are currently in the process of integration into the project.

Development Start Date
November 23, 2016
In development
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android
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