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Make your way in US tour with the Circus and amuse the crowd every performance. Each show is a catchy stack puzzle, you need to use your creativity to build the tower and your skill to keep it balanced.

The core gameplay is build-and-balance mechanics with easy to learn and hard to master difficulty curve. We feel Circus Stacker as a family puzzle where children can learn how important cooperation and commitment are, while adults will enjoy the atmosphere.

We are looking for a casual mobile games publisher which can provide marketing and monetisation expertise for Circus Stacker. We are ready to try any suitable model and add any fixes advised by the potential partner to release the game in the most effective way.

Heyworks studio based in Minsk, Belarus. The Circus Stacker was made by 3 team members. Development was funded by Heyworks. Heyworks studio released two mobile f2p strategy games.
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September 2017
Ready to be released
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iOS, Android
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