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Faces is like Valiant Hearts, also has a good storyline, but not so casual, more about puzzles, arcade and other fun mechanics, secrets, mini-games etc.

Faces is a narrative adventure game with puzzle and action mechanics where a player controls as positive so negative characters in different chapters. It’s set in a modern world, somewhere in ex-USSR country (don’t worry, there is no any postsoviet trash, but beautiful Ukrainian landscapes, like Carpathian mountains, for example). In the very beginning, Faces was a movie script for a sci-fi mystical thriller, and then it turned into a game idea.

We decided to split Faces and make dilogy instead of making a big game. It will decrease investor risks and might be good for monetization. The dilogy will have a gameplay duration around 5-7 hours so, the each episode 1 will be around 3-4 hours.

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