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Get ready to race and roar in some real crazy, monstrous outdoor environments, meanwhile destroying whatever lies on your path and beating your opponent to the finish line.

Monster Trucks with enormous tires, incredible, massive engine power and the shocking excitement of Monster Trucks Jam Show has made it to the iPhone (and iPad)!
Get ready in Monster Jam Show to crush cars and perform Monster Trucks stunts in some real crazy, monstrous outdoor environments.
– In Monster Jam Launch your truck over huge jumps
– Monster Jam is sat in spectacular jump filled courses
– In Monster Jam you get to experience benchmark graphics, physics and adrenaline-filled excitement in Monster Crush
– Monster Jam Featuring SCREEN-BUSTING TRUCKS If we made the trucks any bigger, they wouldn’t fit in!
– Monster Jam allows you to upgrade and customize every aspect of your chosen ride. Turn it into the Monster you know it wants to be.
– Monster Jam gives you the ability to customize your car with a wide range of paint
– Monster Jam features realistic car crushing

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iOS, Android
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