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MMOFPS with RPG elements and Open World. Non-target action first ferson shooter game with 9 types of arenas, an open world to explore and relax, a fresh and unique combat system, and many other exciting features

Our unique and innovative combat system is non-target based, and you’ll have plenty or moves at your disposal, like dodges and special blocking maneuvers to counter damage

We offer some wicked modes: CTF, One flag CTF, Classic, Team Deathmatch and Duel. Each one of these modes has their own particular rules and tactics. Pick your poison and have at it!

You also get ability to use weapons and equipment of other classes. Choose a weapon and change skills in combat smoothly and with no worries

Astarma is a beautiful and open world, complete with dynamic day and night cycles. There are plenty of quests to undertake, interesting characters to encounter, enemies to conquer, places to explore, mysteries to solve, etc. Or you could simply enjoy a pleasant sunset with some good company

The main quest chain is specially designed to help you choose which House you’ll join (or if you’ll take the road less travelled and go Freebooter). In addition to all the quests you can take on, there will be various daily tasks to keep you busy, as well

The game’s system of battle ranks is the equivalent of a level in classic RPG games. Increase your rank and become stronger, faster– better

PvP Hub! A special box is provided with the ability to check into Arenas, chat with friends (which is also possible outside of the hub), and lead your clan without having to enter into the open world;

Dungeons! For three, four, or five party-members with loads of loot and treasure awaits all comers. You can dungeon delve as a part of random or pre-assembled groups

Auctions and a well developed in-game economy. There’s always an opportunity to earn extra money

We are looking for MENA and USA regions. Maybe others

SkyRiver Studios. This game made by veterans in game development industry
Development Start Date
Ready to be released
Game engine
SkyEngene 4.1
Target platforms
PC and Concole



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