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My name is hicham and i am an indie developer , and i just finished my game “Placebo”

I am very passionate about old-school games and the beauty of the retro art . and tried very hard recently to reflect my love to this genre into my project “placebo” at the same time i wanted it to look very brand new..

What makes placebo so unique :
* it’s an original full 2d experience on a mobile device like “Shovel knight”,
* great retro art but yet new and modern .
* great story line and very optimized for mobile gaming , all that with keeping a full input over the character .
* diverse gameplay changes constantly between action, and solving mysteries , boss fights , beating scores , ..
* very immersive music , soundVFX
* very challenging and fair gameplay

IssamProd (Germany)
Development Start Date
Ready to be released
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android, PC



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