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Temple of Spikes is a dynamic multiplayer arcade game. It allows up to 4 players to go together through the infinite labyrinths of Temple of Spikes and find all the treasures hidden there.

Dozens of levels, lots of obstacles, deadly traps, ruthless bosses are eagerly waiting for you. Fresh graphics, juicy music and sound deliver tons of fun and immerse you completely into the Temple of Spikes. This a hardcore arcade platformer, like Super Meat Boy.

Right now we are finishing the development. We will publish the game on Steam this year. The version for consoles will be ready sometime in spring on 2018. The game is on Unity, so I guess the mobile version will be out as well. Recently we got the XBOX ONE dev kit and now we are working on getting the Switch and PS4 dev kits.

Tigrido, Russia
Development Start Date
In development
Game engine
Target platforms
XBOX, Nintendo, Play Station, Steam

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