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Tidal Shore is a pixel art adventure game with a strong emphasis on an eerie, complex, and carefully designed branching storyline in the Lovecraft spirit. The game tells the story of Samantha Jacoby, a famous psychotherapist from Los Angeles, who, after suffering a personal tragedy, moves to a small town of Tidal Shore to start a new life. What she gets there is six very complicated cases. At first glance, nothing connects her patients to each other, but the more Samantha gets to know them, the better she understands that everything is connected in this town. And the more she plunges into her own madness.

• An eerie and elaborate branching storyline in the spirit of H. P. Lovecraft’s best works
• Throughout the narrative, the player has to make complex decisions, each of which has its consequences. Each action and choice affects the storyline
• High-quality graphics and animation in the pixel art
style modelled on classic quests by LucasArts Entertainment
• An original take on classic point-and-click adventures
• An advanced dialogue system
• A complex set of NPC relationships in the town
• A large number of endings and high replayability

Wooden Monkeys, Moscow, Russia
Development Start Date
August 2017
In development
Game engine
Target platforms
Steam (Windows and Mac), iOS, Android



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