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A long while ago there lived Viking ancestors known for their immense strength and stupidity of the same degree. Their ration consisted mostly of our forefathers – the wild boars. For many years boars were mercilessly used for food, they couldn’t stand up to the raw barbaric force.

The mighty Boar Tribe regretted deeply their decision to cross the path of the great warrior. We named him Turbo Axe!

This is an arcade game about a daring Viking, which fights against evil boars and their bosses.

There are several characters in the game, as well as a set of pets.

The player will fly on a dragon, ride a mine cart, ride a chariot, sail a boat and so on.

Big Root Games, Russia, Moscow. We are small team of 3 people. We released about 10 match-3 games on Facebook, and now are moving to mobile.
Development Start Date
March 2017
Ready to be released
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Target platforms
iOS, Android
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