Cranio Labs Developer

Brazil, Brasília

Willing to unite our knowledge with our passion for games, Cranio Labs was born to deliver unique experiences through mobile gaming.

Cranio Labs is a Brazilian indie game development studio that has a clear purpose: to create smart and fun games to compete on a global scale. We believe that a good game is considered good due to the brain reactions caused during its gameplay and in this way we seek to stimulate the brain in 5 different forms, causing our users to experience 5 different sensations during our games. Are they:

Imagination (Parietal Lobe)
Pleasure / Happiness (Dopamine)
Competition / Survival (Brain Amygdala)
Apprehension / Fear (Adrenaline)
Justice (Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex)

We always focus on handling those experiences to our users, and seek to bring fun to the greatest number of people, launching the best games to our public.