Crytivo Publisher

United States, San Diego

Indie game publisher with a focus on fan-friendly business and its own boutique premium store.

Crytivo is a game publisher and developer with a fierce dedication to crafting incredible gaming experiences. Crytivo partners with some of the most talented and inspiring game developers from around the world, and ensures that all published titles meet the highest quality standards. With the launch of the Crytivo Store, Crytivo is challenging the rise of microtransactions, loot boxes, and exploitative launch DLC in today’s games.

We choose to stand by our fans and like-minded developers to create a new home for gaming, without the drama. The Crytivo family is strong, and we are only getting stronger! Welcome to a New Age of Play™.

Our team comprises the veterans of the gaming industry with prior experience working for Disney, SONY, Apple, Naughty Dog и Universal.

Crytivo helps indie developers with Kickstarter campaigns (90% success score), marketing, funding and releasing games on Steam, GOG, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and Nintendo.

Our partners: Tencent, Alienware, Unity, Steelseries, Discord, Valve, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Xbox.

Your game is already shipped and you’re seeking new revenue streams? Crytivo offers a prime spot in its own boutique store of premium games: