Copperglass Developer

Germany, Berlin
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A team of 3 capable Game Design students, making their debut title LIT: Bend the Light, being released in end of march 2020.

We are 3 Game Design students from HTW Berlin in Germany, working on our debut title LIT.

We developed LIT mainly within 3 months. During that time we realized our good teamwork and won a prize (“Deutscher Multimediapreis mb21 2018”). We were also nominated at other prices (German Developer Days 2019, Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2019) and visited multiple festivals in Germany and abroad (Gamevention, Gamefest, Tincon, u19 Budapest). We’ve been working on LIT for about 1 year now and plan to release it in end of March 2020

Our goal is to be able to make further games in the future.