Primal Seed Developer

France, Bordeaux
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Making games we love for passionate players.

As a young studio made up of passionate video game enthusiasts, we create games we are fully involved in and committed to.
We take great pleasure in developing games that we as consumers would want to play and discover.

Therefore, at Primal Seed we strongly believe in the idea of adding value in terms of gameplay and or narration in the games we develop.
Our creative approach fully integrates the search for new concepts and original experiences.

As each member of the team has their own video game culture, we put a strong emphasis on sharing ideas during our brainstorming sessions in order to create a rewarding gaming experience for all players.

We have a genuine desire to stay respectful, accessible and human to our community but also to encourage creativity and individual input.

Finally, we would like to offer reliable, economic and respectable models to our consumers.