I, Viking

“I, Viking” is an online multiplayer team-based RPG strategy inspired by the Norse mythology and legends about the Vikings.


GENRE MIX – epic action of “I, Gladiator” and deep strategy of “DOTA” blend into breathtaking third person cooperative multiplayer experience.

  • HUGE Interconnected STORYLINEs for each premium character, executed in stylish comics and professionally voiced in Old Norse. Collect them all to experience full saga, with all the twists and surprises! A story worth a bookshelf on its own.
  • SQUAD MANAGEMENT – Build a shipload of the best warriors of Middle Ages from a variety of warrior classes; each with a specific weapon, fighting style, abilities, and stats.
  • TACTICS AND STRATEGY – cooperate with friendly Vikings, carefully select your active force, track actions of your enemies and make tactical decisions.
  • CRAFTING – use materials to create deadly weapons and armor, enchant them with sacred glyphs derived from mystical runes.
  • COMBAT SYSTEM CONTROLS – Play with one finger or play as a pro, easy-to-use controls support dynamic and spectacular mass combat with diverse combo-attacks, dramatic finishing moves and abilities – advanced damage system makes the dismemberment of the opponents extremely brutal and bloody
  • PILLAGE FOR LOOT – sail out to pillage for resources and money for your own tribe.
  • EXTENDED TUTORIALS – are you a newbie or an experienced player? No matter, the game is easy to get going and keeps surprising with new advanced features and mechanics just as you thought you learn it all!
  • EVENTS – game events and daily achievements provide unpredictability and get players return to the game.

“I, Viking” is all about the skills, tactics and teamwork! Connect and communicate with a deep and active community of I, Viking players to find your ideal battle mates!