Crown Chronicles

Get the Crown back and Save Arkydia! Join players from around the world and compete in this fast-paced Strategy RPG. Experience our Time-Saving Quest system, Get your best team and Reach the top!

Crown Chronicles is a Strategy Role-Playing and Party management Card game where you can :


• Build your parties & Equip them with Legendary weapons
• Experience our Time-Saving quest system
• Battles happen automatically, Review them with the replay feature
• Control the odds and influence your Quest loots


• Level up your Gachas and increase your chances of pulling Legendary mercenaries
• Evolve your mercenaries to reach their Perfect Evolution
• Find Combos by Pairing Mercenaries to unlock decisive Passives skills
• Sell your Mercenaries for Emeralds and spend them in the Special shop


• Join the PVP Arena event and Reach top tier by mastering the Scoring system
• Enjoy an unrestricted gameplay experience. You can keep playing in the PVP Arena as long as you win!
• Unlock hundreds achievements and win many rewards

Our goal is to offer players a balanced game with many viable teams. All mercenaries are balanced so that there is always a counter. For this reason we are constantly listening to player feedback and keep adjusting mercenaries data.