Sweet Run

A casual arcade style game Sweet Run is a stylish and original arcade runner. It’s original indie platformer with a huge number of locations and funny characters. You will transfer yourself in a sweet world where mountains are made of jam and roads are paved with tasty dough. Infinity, running, jumping and sliding in this time killer game!

Special feature action platformer

The game is based on the principle of endless runner and managing different kind of obstacles, first, you have to play till you reach a funny Donut, but then you can unlock other unusual character:

– Vampire;
– Panda;
– Harry Poter;
– and many other.

The game management is very simple, in the menu you shall select with a tap the section “Play”, and you will transfer yourself to a saturated and bright sweet world. Though, the funny atmosphere doesn’t mean that playing is simple, as the runner is constantly accelerating the game speed and requires more and more energy and concentration, to manage the obstacles successfully.