Cat Guns Need publisher

Cats fighting on mecha in a 3v3 death-match arena.


So, the internet love cats am I right? Well in this game you can love them EVEN MORE! We will give players has many gadgets as they need to fully express their desire of cat-dressing.
Because we care. Because it matters.


Well, not only guns. We realized cats can’t comfortably handle guns. So we give them mecha instead. Players can build their full-optional death machines by selecting their favorite arms, legs, and Ultimate-Gear-Of-Destruction™ (Ultimate). The more you play the more you can expand your weaponry.


Okay, this is NOT a brawler game, this is a Third Person Shooter. The rules are pretty straight: a 3v3 death-match arena. Matches will be 3 minutes long, to ensure people can play this game even in a coffee-break.


Like what you read? Good. We are planning to make even more of it after the game release! We plan to release either free contents to keep the game alive and DLC packs to sell unique kind of aesthetics.