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Fairy tale narrated by kids collectively bit by bit where world transform depending of their imagination.


– Adventure. Story driven adventure game with mature theme inspired by gore fairy tales for adults.
– Unique storytelling. Three main narrators who argue while telling the story. Game changes on the fly depending on the dominant narrator in certain levels.
– Player Choices. Building relationships with NPCs. Player’s choices affect the story.
– Playing with contrast. Narrators tell the story from a kid’s perspective, which stays in contrast to the mature and serious visuals that the players experience. Certain events mix a childish verbal description with the harsh reality of events.
– Art Style. The unique visual style which reflects the narrative nature of the game while respecting today’s trends.
– Platforms. The game will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


The Little fox is imprisoned in the forest after a mysterious beast kills his mother. As he matures, he decides to face the evil powers that are slowly draining life force from the forest.
Little fox – game’s main protagonist – loses his mother in the aftermath of the hunt for a strange beast terrorizing the forest and its inhabitants. Wounded and crippled by the hunters, the fox is forced to flee to the unknown parts of the forest, where he finds the house of an old vet. He faces a gang of magical felines and the troubled vet himself and soon he realizes that only together they will be able to unveil the secret of the ailing forest and the beast that roams it. But first, the little fox will need to change the life of one human being.


– The story is narrated by three kids of different ages, who seemingly make up the story as it progresses
– The player is the story’s main character and the world in being built and re-built right in front of the player’s eyes while the story evolves
– Being created “ad hoc” the story takes unexpected plot twists, whereas some elements won’t fit entirely into the setting and others come from different fables or even pop culture
– Each narrator has her/his specific characteristics, which heavily influence the pace, mood and overall complexity of the game


Game art style resembles drawings from old fairy tales books. Mixed with children’s voice narration it will create a feeling of participating in a fable.