Drift Legends

Drift Legends is a successful mobile racing game with 4,000,000+ worldwide installs. The game was released on Google Play platform in December 2016. Immediately it appeared in many editorial collections of the platform in the Racing and Simulators categories. User rating is 4.2 stars with a rising trend. The game got mass of positive reviews on Youtube. Monetization of the app was chosen as free-2-play with iAP and video ads.

At the end of March 2017 the game was released at Apple App Store. It was welcomed with open arms by editors of the platform and received a major worldwide featuring as a “New games we love”. The game is constantly evolving, the amount of game content is increasing, game mechanics are being supplemented.

The main features of the game:

– unique and accessible to most players, adapted for the mobile devices, drift gameplay
– more than 30 cult drift cars made with a high level of realism
– a lot of race tracks for drift, with a dynamically changing track configuration
– the possibility of an infinite complement of game content with a high degree of addiction and replayability
– the game contains all the standard features of racing games
– availability for Premium monetization adaptation
– the project is made on Unity3D and supports all Unity-compatible plug-ins and can be adapted for many platforms

Our company is currently looking for publishers in China, Japan and Korea for publishing the game in local Android and other stores.