The Cleansing Need investor Need publisher

The Cleansing is a real-time, isometric, singleplayer RPG set in a dystopian future. Society has been reset and rebuilt into a dark twisted version of its former self. A vision of what is to come after the apocalypse, and beyond. When society reemerges, what then?

It is a feudal society. Swords and armors have returned but contemporary weapons and technologies still linger. What was once old town halls, prisons and burger restaurants have now been turned into citadels of the ruling houses, their strongholds and castles.

There is a hidden enemy, though. An underground cult poised to complete the apocalypse. Their cleansing horde, unknown to the rest of the world, is about to march in from the north – destruction in their wake.
Rumours drift south telling about mutants that have been caught by the Cleansers. Deemed unworthy they have been hoisted up in cages and left to fry in the sun. Can it be true? How far will they go? Are the ruling houses capable of uniting to face them, are they even willing?

You, the protagonist, begin your story trapped by The Cleansing cult. They have left you to die, hanging in a rusty cage in the wasteland. You manage to escape and set out over “the Shining Valley” to convince and unite the ruling houses. Convincing them that the threat of the Cleansing Horde is real. But the bad blood between houses run centuries deep and the task to unite them is not an easy one.

Building a party of five heroes, you choose from a multitude of characters you gain access to throughout the campaign. Upgrade your party with new skills, weapons and armor. Fight your way through the wastelands and the battlefields of this feudal future. A new dark age reigns over humanity, and it´s about to get even darker…

We have since September 2017 released an Early Access, multiplayer version of the game, called “The Cleansing – Versus”, on Steam. The core mechanics and art style are in place. We are now looking for funding to create the singleplayer campaign.