Ryder: The Deserter

An action platformer game inspired by classic 2D platformers to bring their spirit to the XXI century adding new and exciting features. The gameplay is centered on the use and combination of different vehicles to complete the levels.

• Character has the ability to ride different things on the game like bike, rockets and turrets.
• Can ride enemies to shoot and to use them as jetpacks.
• Optional coins can be collected on every level as alternative challenges.
• Some places have coin collecting minigames, the player has to collect them under a certain time.
• Quick gameplay: To die and replay is very quick.
• Challenging difficulty that it is not unfair.
• Fun platformer controls: Jump, Double jump, Wall climb

Story: Ryder was an agent of the Multiverse Agents of Time and History (MATH), he worked on preserving history, preventing the generation of multiple timelines. MATH had the monopoly of time travel so they tried to prevent rogue time travelers. Ryder got aware of corruption inside MATH so he deserted betraying his friends. Now he is being chased by agents of MATH trough time.