Infinitrap Need investor Need publisher

Infinitrap is a hardcore top-down platformer, about the 2nd best adventurer in the world, searching for immortality. Trapped in a deadly dungeon, his only way out is finding the Cup of Eternity; or die trying; over and over again.

Infinitrap is:

– A fast top-down action game that is hard to master
– Have a compelling story and memorable characters
– Online scoreboard and daily runs
– A dungeon editor is a core component of the game
– Any dungeons can be shared with other players over Internet
– Can be played with gamepad or keyboard
– Made with Unity
– Target release date: Q4 2018 / Q1 2019
– Release on PC and XBOX (already have dev units and id@xbox account),
will want to release to Switch and PS4 if possible
What our studio need:
– To work with awesome people on the publishing side.
– As the marketplace is getting crowded, we need visibility.
– We need funding to complete the game over 3 months full-time.