Plane-O-Tron Need publisher

Plane-O-Tron combines popular Match-3 gameplay with revolutionary new mechanics. In this fun puzzler your task is to mix and match planets – as part of an epic plan of the Creation of the Universe!

Plane-O-Tron includes 200 main levels of increasing difficulty and 3 mini-games:

  • Zen – where player can relax and enjoy the game with no time or energy restrictions.
  • Asteroids – fast-paced tapping game.
  • Strike – arkanoid/blockout clone.


* unique gameplay
* fun and colorful graphics
* 200 handcrafted levels with great variety of challenges
* 3 unlockable mini-games
* layouts are randomly generated for each level, offering good replayability
* 3 powerful orbs
* bonus levels and daily prizes
* achievements, online leaderboards
* random small challenges, artefacts, fun science facts


* IAPs – coin shop
* coins can be exchanged for orbs and additional energy to finish a difficult level
* Interstitial ads