The Stones of Yalmrith Need investor Need publisher

Take on the adventure of Andor in an exceptional world where he should learn about his existence and gain knowledge to take new paths. By solving the trials (Puzzles) and fighting strange creatures that wants to kill you for no reason.

Thank you for your time and interest in the world of Yalmrith, a world open to any rework, action or gameplay mechanic rework, a world you can shape and transform into a new thing or keep it and evolve it.

The world of Yalmrith is full of potential because:

1- The art style is unique as you will see in the first installment.
2- The game mechanic are strict and open to play with
3- The story is easy to manipulate thanks to its fantasy elements and plots.

I hope the world of Yalmrith might interest you to build it and build a startup that can generate and achieve your objectives with precision and quality but also time.