Chin Up! Need investor Need marketing Need publisher

Chin up! Summon creatures by their names!

A game that merges Scrabble and card games rules into one hell of a battlefield!

Become a Summoner and fight using letter cards to summon your tremendous monsters.

Hop into the world full of magic, good people, bad people, douchebags with monsters and many others that want to meet you.

Follow the story and make this adventure the quest of your life!

It’s like card games, but here you summon creatures by fulfilling its names with random letters like in Scrabble.

It’s like visual novels, but you don’t read mass of text, waiting half hour for any interactions, you can always choose what you want to say just like in classic RPGs.

You can build your deck, find items, do quests and level up, but it’s more like point and click titles, where you can just look around and pick your destination instant.