Genesis: Human Destiny Need marketing Need publisher


  • Genre: sim, rogue-like RPG, survival, text quest
  • Monetization model: premium/ freemium with unlock
  • Primary Audience: male 14-45, fans of the sci-fi setting and turn-based games
  • Secondary Audience: fans of casual strategy games, fans on text quests
  • Positioning: the destiny of a starship and its crew is in your hands!

Key marketing points

  • The gameplay is unique for each player and endless
  • Levels are procedure generated
  • Tons of texts quests for sci-fi fans
  • Hardcore genres mix: sim, survival, RPG

References: Fallout Shelter, FTL, Out There, Lifeline, Reigns


Core Gameplay Description

  • Resource management: there are 5 types of resources in an expedition. Players have to manage them thoughtfully in order to finish flights successfully.  Wrong calculations lead to an expedition’s fail.
  • Expedition’s parameters control: users control 2 parameters of an expedition: the durability of a ship and the health of a crew. Random events and players’ actions change values of these parameters. An expedition is going on until params drop to zero or an end of a level is reached.
  • Decisionmaking: a lot of unexpected events take place during a flight; troubles with a ship, space encounters, squabbles in a crew and so on and so on. A player as a captain has to solve all the issues that affects available resources and flights’ parameters. Finding of better solutions is a key to the success.