Heroes of War Magic Need marketing Need publisher

Genre: strategy, wargame
Core gameplay: turn-based tactics
Setting: epic fantasy
Art: 2D/isometric
Monetization model: free to play
Audience: male/ 25-35 y.o. /fans of mobile strategies

Heroes of War Magic is a f2p wargame with strategy and RPG elements. Users control a squad of fantasy heroes that fight for honor and glory against other warriors and monsters. Their battles take place on a great variety of game fields which contain different tactical objects.
Each hero has his own stats and abilities which determine players’ game style and tactics. Users collect resources playing in PvE or PvP modes to upgrade their heroes and unlock new ones. These modes are united by the “city builder” meta-gameplay.

Key Marketing points:
The unique combination of midcore puzzle and tactical wargame + deep metagame
Several PvE modes which contains hundreds of levels
Synchronous and asynchronous PvP modes
The company of charismatic heroes; each provides specific game style and user experience
Art style inspired by legendary Heroes of Might and Magic games