Naser: Son of Man Need publisher White Nights Spb'19 Exponents

Naser: Son of Man is a cover-based 2D shooter game that happens in the alternative history of 1875 when Queen Elizabeth 0 is the queen of England. She discovers a way to conquer the whole world with an army of robots but after the victorious world domination, she encounters the land of Persia, and its retard king they call “Naser” which I think is the stupidest name to pick for an idiot like him! However, guess what? He is the main hero and playable character of this game. Anyways, There is a magical crystal over the empire of Persia that makes the whole region untouchable by any force. But what happens when the crystal gets stolen? What happens when there is only one person to save the world? What happens if that one person can’t do shit without God?  The most important character of this story like any other story is “God” the almighty and omnipotent who has an active role in the gameplay to help the playable character. Ain’t that shit revolutionary or something?

In Naser: Son of Man, you fight against all sort of robot enemies, you have to take cover and shoot tactically with a right weapon. The hand of God comes down from the sky to help you attack or defend throughout the game. Naser and God talk a lot in this game and God is always right, right? What does that little mustached puppet know? It’s all me! I’m the real hero, the almighty God, but … Forget it!

Tell you what, this game is the dopest game you’ve ever played considering the storytelling, action sequences and all sort of crazy stuff. Just make it easy for me and follow us on social media and buy the god damn game, or I’ll curse you!