Battle Rush Royale Need publisher White Nights Moscow’19 Exponents

Версия выложена в AppStore исключительно с целью тестирования механик и первичных показателей. В последствии будет убрана и передана издателю.
Welcome to the worsest version of the world. What happened? Just an ordinary nuclear war, which made everything (and everyone) seem and act veeeeeery unfriendly. All the creatures are trying to stay alive as long as possible in this new post-apocalyptic world. Will you survive?
This is a survival-inspired battle royale, where almost everything you see is up to kill you!
Here’s what we like the best:
⁃ Unique heroes — each character has his own set of skills to match the style of playing you prefer;
⁃ Atmospheric post-apocalyptic world: toxic waste, explosions, wild animals all the stuff;
⁃ Not-so-dumb mobs: they have a behaviour of their own and can challenge you like real;
⁃ Character’s upgrades during the session;
⁃ Weapon’s upgrades too, the higher you’re in the rating, the better item you get and customize it;
⁃ Rare items are literally falling from the sky! keep an eye on them and on the airdrop map.