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Demo available for Android and iOS.

Boom Mania is a classic Bomberman-like game with playful new twists, cute graphics, and controls perfectly suited to mobile devices.

The game features a campaign mode with various features:

  • 9 environments and many levels
  • dozens of various enemies
  • unique bosses
  • rescuing hostages
  • upgrading your gear

Besides the campaign, there are also arenas with clever AI opponents that will challenge your skills and reflexes.

Right now, there are no good Bomberman-like single player apps on mobile devices, so fans of the genre might really appreciate Boom Mania.

We see our game as a premium game with no in-app purchases.

What we plan to do before until release:

  • support for other Platforms (Android, iOS phones)
  • add Achievements
  • improve AIs in arenas to be more human-like
  • replace placeholder music and sounds with original music and sounds
  • fix known bugs