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Challenging, Funny and original boardgame, Go for the #KlikitGenius 1 position in the #KlikitChallenge ranking! You think you are the best? 🙂 , Prove it, Challenge friends, family and Idols , play with Friends & make new Friends around the world.


The gameplay is unique, players have to make their own strategy and by the use of StopIt and TakeIt. Players can influence and bend the rules.

Tap and connect minimum 4 pawns to collect a row. To do so, block the board by tapping your StopIt and place your StopIt on a tile, so you build op your strategy. Unblock the rows by tapping your TakeIt and place it on the StopIt!

*Take over a pawn of your opponent, just tap your “TakeIt” on top of it and it becomes yours! *Make 4,5,6 or even 7 in a row, the longer the row the higher the points you win!Special tiles unlock different effects ==> Beware because you might get hurt!

We created our #KlikitChallenge game and are now looking for a transferee/publisher for our Klikitproject.