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Battle Magic – a fascinating arcade online strategy game with CCG mechanics. Enjoy epic battles of battle mages at the table with chips. In a few minutes, grasp the mortal spells to compete on an equal footing against real players from around the world. The success of real-time battles depends only on your wits and reactions!


☆ PLAY a multiplayer game made from a mixture of genres: enjoy fast-paced game like in Action, build your unique techniques on magic chips similar to Collectible Card Game or Strategy game, lever up your character like in RPG.

☆ DISCARD the chips from the table, INCREASE your strength and ATTACK with magic spells defending from your opponent’s attacks.

☆ POUR yourself into exciting dynamic battles with real experts on magic. ENJOY off-beat music tracks with real pseudo 3D graphics, which create unique atmosphere of epic battles.

☆ PARTICIPATE in various fantasy leagues combats, WIN in PvP battles, COLLECT chips of experience to improve your magic skills.

☆ GET new magical honors for achievements and FOLLOW a difficult path of battle mage: start as a Mage-novice, proceed as an Master Archmage and finish as a Lord of Battle Magic.

☆ PUT ON one of the amazing magic hats, SCORE a series of flawless victories over the top players and BECOME an undefeatable hero of mages war!

☆ CHALLENGE your Facebook friends to participate in mortal combats and FOLLOW them on Battle Magic’s leaderboard.

☆ CREATE your own guild of mages with friends, PARTICIPATE in world mage war and PROPEL it to the world’s best guild.

☆ SYNCHRONIZE the game between mobile devices and PLAY wherever you want.