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The game consists of 54 consecutive levels. To proceed to the next level, you can only after answer the previous one. Answers has a general educational character and divided into: texts, pictures, puzzles, action-levels. Action-levels require from the user some actions (shake the phone, tap on the screen and so on).

If the user can not pass the level, he could take a hint. The hints divided into two types: small hint or direct answer. Each type of a hint has its own cost in points.

the user receives points in the form of a reward after passing through the level. And also in the form of a daily reward.

Each 2-3 levels for the user reproduces entertainment audio, where voice-over telling the story. The goal of the game is to go through all levels.

  • Go through all the levels.

Answer the questions. Show your ingenuity.

  • Mystical voice from nowhere.

Do you know anything about him? Unlikely. But he knows what he’s saying. And he will try to hurt you, because he has one goal: not to let you go through the game to the end.

  • Unusual questions. Simple answers.

Non-standard questions with simple answers that are difficult to find. The user enjoys the non-standard solution to the puzzle. And it makes him continue the game.

  • Internationality

The levels are built on universality without reference to the cultural traditions of the peoples of the world, which unites people in search of solutions.


We have ideas for creating the second part of the game. Our team wants to make it more interactive. At present we are looking for a publisher for the first game, or the one who can be given the rights to it.