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Imagine a world where your actual physical size was directly related to the size of your bank account.

 Imagine that every time you paid the rent you could shrink to nothing, or win the lottery and get as huge as a mountain.

Tiny Money is a stop motion animation, point and click adventure game.

In this game’s world, the characters may be small as an ameba, or as big as a skyscraper, all depends on the amount of money they have.
In other words, the socio-economic gaps, and inequality are represented on the physical level.

Pete, the main character,  is a single 28 years old bank executive from the lower class, who just tries, like all the rest of the lower class, to not disappear.

We walk in Pete’s shoes, living in a drawer as a lower class, using rich people’s scraps as furniture and work hard to survive. 

the story comes to his peak when Pete finds out he has a parasitic disease of a tiny hippie that found his way into his head and threatens to influence him into losing everything.

Similarly to the classics Neverhood or Monkey Island, the player will collect items that may help him later on to his inventory, and manipulate or activate the world around him in order to advance the plot.