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Join to Thor’s endless campaign to restore order in all the worlds and help him became Supreme God of Asgard. Gather magical cards of greatest heroes in fantasy worlds of Scandinavian mythology. You will have an exciting journey to find and save Loki from the jail of the goddess of cold and ice Skadi, a thirst for revenge for the fallout of Ragnarok. All mythical champions of Asgard are ready to join your invincible army.
In the end, it is you who is destined to become the valiant Savior of the universe

Key features:
• Turn-based strategic combat with exciting animation
• An MMORPG world with thousands of players participating in global events
• Multiple cards and classes of characters with each class featuring its own unique abilities
• New battles system include elements MMO and RPG and turn-based strategic combat
• Engaging online play with or against friends
• A unique design featuring elements of classic puzzle and RPG games
• A prime tactical component where you fight against creatures