Secondspace: The Spark Need feedback Need investor Need marketing Need publisher

Secondspace: The Spark is a sci-fi RPG game where player can fight over 38 different alien types scattered around 28 different maps. Player has an arsenal of different ships with unique skills (mostly), tactical munitions, utility equipments such as Speed Boost or Cannon Overload -some of them cannot be purchased directly from shop, therefore must crafted- and tactical protocols which can only be acquired by completing space gates. Player also has opportunity to personalize their ships with ship designs. And, player must choose his/her loadout carefully and accordingly to his/her playstyle. Available number of slots in a ship is limited.

Bored from PvE, player can search for more fun in SpaceCup.

What is SpaceCup ?

SpaceCup is online matching system that puts players in a real time 1v1 match (or 2v2 maybe 3v3). Where players can compete their ships & skills. Matchmaking system is similiar to the one in mobile game Clash Royale, for example, a player with 1000 Cups never matched with a player with 3000 Cups.

But, this system is yet to be implemented. I have very little networking experience. I never tried to make a multiplayer game before. If I can make some revenue from current version of the game, I can hire some freelancers to do it for me. Cool idea right ? :^)

Another feature to be implemented is a squad-play system.