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Fly in the Sky, collect stars, avoid enemies, black clouds and thunders.
Shot out the birds to get even more stars!
Customize your character in many combinations and create your unique angel.
Beautyfull sky on which you will fly will give you unique expiriences… and soon you will be able to unlock new astonishing worlds. Fly in the Sky is still being develop!

Endless gameplay based on your skill. How long can you survive in hostile sky. Dynamic gameplay will never bore you… It’s unique combination of fast-pace action in calm environment.

Compare your skill with your friends on leaderboard.
After every game you can open chest and get rewards!

Fly in the Sky don’t force you to watch ads! Only rewarded ads!

No time for rest! Fly!

Fly in the Sky provids great soundtrack created by fantastic creator – Punch Deck. Check out his work! You will be amaze!


Music: Punch Deck –

Coin sound: