Clean Fish Need publisher White Nights Moscow’19 Exponents

“Clean Fish. Beta version” is a hyper-casual free-to-play game for the Android platform.

As soon as the game starts the player gets an opportunity to control a little fish, which is trying to clean the ocean.

The playable zone consists of safe and unsafe areas, while the Player needs to push the garbage from the safe clean water to dangerous dark void.

The game includes opponents with different mechanics: canned jars, car tyres, garbage bag, etc. For instance, a spoon will try to push the character and as the number of spoons grows, the objective becomes more demanding.

The player can open new characters while completing achievement tasks and then change the skin in the main menu.

We are continuing the further development and considering two ways of doing so. The first is creating a challenging game for the players with a variable safe-zone scale. The second is more meditative, without dead-zone but with infinite ocean to clean.