Arabian Solitaire Need feedback Need marketing Need publisher

Type of game

Card game (solitaire with elements of animation)

Game purposes

  • The game is about to place cards in the correct order, complete tasks to finish levels.
  • Progress along the Global Map

Target audience

Women 30+


IOS, ANDROID, possibly Windows

Key features

Vivid spirit of Oriental and Arabian folk tales

Cartoon deeping into atmosphere of 1001 Nights stories (Ali baba, Scheherazade, Genie e.t.c)

Oriental (Arabic) style soundtrack, animated cards and boosts


Current plan is to use freemium model: banner ads, watch 30 sec ads when pressundo” button, buying additional boosts when hard to complete level. If necessary it is possible to transfer game to f2p — there is bank window ready, to sell boosts and steps back (undo) for money

Our expectations regarding Publisher

Publish game in Englishlanguage markets

Game promotion

Suggestions for improving monetization

Translation into other foreign languages (currently only RU, EN)

Future plans to update game is successfully published

Daily bonuses for Log into game and player’s retention

Additional 50 levels every 2 weeks

Introduce new motions (mechanics?) every month

Leader’s table