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“Rice Wars” is an online/offline RTS for 4 players. The goal is to carry your payload to your base. Each player should create warriors to protect his payload and attack the enemy’s ones. The gameplay was developed with an accent on competition and replayability. Tactical element is important, as there are different classes of warriors with their own characteristics and each player should find the right application for them. The player also has abilities that can directly affect the gameplay.

The game also features some offline modes like “Castle Defence” or “Arena”.

On the visual side, the game stands out for its bright low-poly design, while showing good performance. This feature of the game can be an additional advantage at the stage of attracting an audience. The project is 90% ready: there is a working build of the game as well as a separate build for the server. The game does not require any further investments, but it is worth solving a number of key issues such as renting a remote server, the format of distribution and porting to other platforms. I will be happy to hear your suggestions and look forward to a productive partnership.