The Dawn: Sniper’s Way Need investor Need marketing Need publisher


The Dawn: Sniper’s Way project has been in development for 3 years already, we have great plans for it. We see no limit in expanding our world and will not stop even after the game release, as it will be described in detail further.

At the moment the “PHOSPHORUS GAMES” team doesn’t have many people, much resources or experience. The early access release will help us improving the game gradually based on the adequate suggestions by players. We would also have pleasure to expand the universe that is already populated by players, where something happens. We hope for your help.

The early access is necessary for us to decide on the further development of the project. For the early access period we will have to make the move forward to the full game, but we don’t want to drag this process out. We deem that entering the release stage is possible in several months or half a year. The game will be constantly updated with new features after the release as well.

With the increase of the team’s capabilities we will be introducing new gameplay, plot and graphics improvements. Our paramount task is the creation of full-fledged on-line play, setting up servers, relieving the system requirements, graphics optimization with RTX, and we also count on achieving (by joint efforts with you) the completely developed gameplay with traders, customizing weapons and bases. The map size and the number of available weapons will ever increase and be complemented.

We are going to increase the price gradually, adding new content and features. In the future 2 DLCs will be available: The Dawn: Digger’s Way and The Dawn: Utilizer’s Way. These add-ons will be based on completely different player classes and have completely different armament, gear and objectives. The price of each DLC will be about half the price of the base game.

The community of players is an important factor in the game development: with their help помощью we will be able to localize the issue if something goes wrong and resolve it in time. Therefore, the active participants will be constantly awarded with gameplay possibilities, in moderate quantities, of course. For example, after the patch that introduces the full-fledged economy with inventory we will be ready to present players with gear to their accounts and also with game keys for friends.