☢️ Liquidation: Radiation Plague Idle Clicker ☢️ Need marketing Need publisher

🚧 You are the Chief Liquidator of the country where fragments of ancient objects began to be found. These pieces suddenly begins to spread the radiation infecting everything around. Its origin, abilities and consequences are unknown. Peaceful atom suddenly became the main virus of the XXI century!

⁉️ So what would you do at your post, being responsible for the health and life of the entire country?


☢️ Develop and submit decrees and laws. The speed of spread of the radiation plague depends on whether or not the government accepts your proposals.

☣️ Search and create technologies to find and eliminate an invisible enemy, conduct research and seek for new tests.

☢️ Monitor the status of hazardous facilities: upgrade equipment, provide safe storage facilities and your Headquarters with everything it needs.

☣️ Work in quick response mode: eliminate the foci of the appearance of radiation objects across the country, sending detachments of the Liquidation Headquarters to isolate dangerous artifacts.

☢️ Protect people from the new plague and save the whole country!


A fascinating simulator of the ChiefLiquidator is both a simulator and an idle clicker with simple mechanics. So what happened 100 years ago?

✅ Simple gameplay – click and get development!
✅ An interesting setting – it is not any kind of farm or mine!
✅ Feel like a hero – you act as a lifeguard!
✅ Keep your finger on the pulse – procrastination helps spread the threat!