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Take part in Match-3 battles. Collect matching crystals and attack your opponents. Help the team defeat a stronger squad by directly influencing the outcome of the battle with your skills and by using some assistance of Lady Luck. Each battle is unique due to the special features of the arena and weather conditions: the burning time is reduced in the rain, and poisonous fog causes damage and takes lives. This makes you think tactically and put together a squad of heroes with certain skills. Heroes are unique. At the beginning of the game they have one active skill and a set of passive ones. Gradually, depending on how successful you are, new skills will be unlocked. Bring the heroes together in squads, making them stronger with each other’s skills, and create invincible combinations! In between battles, take care of some urban planning and develop your kingdom. Spend the gold and resources that you earned to create new equipment for heroes or improve your current equipment