Big Quest 2: the Adventure Need feedback Need marketing

Cartoon adventures and quests in a beautiful vibrant 3D world. City exploration, travel, investigations, logic puzzles are waiting for you.

Dialogues with unique characters with character, goals and benefits. You will not only solve problems and questions with them, but also make them fall in love with you. Especially appreciated by fans of quests, and those who love investigations and secrets.

Puzzle-Quests with the main character named Rich, where you will go on an adventure, but more than one. This is an adventure adventure in which you will visit interesting and unusual places.

In a picturesque city, you have to defend the rights to your farm. You will raise the production of building materials and complete the construction. Organize shipping, train traffic, and build oil rigs!

You will find yourself in the Desert to establish market relationships with local merchants. Find a Sheikh’s partner in the oil business. Find out the secret and riddles of the giant.

To complete tasks to improve life in the town, you will have to go to Snowland. Help the locals to re-establish contact with the expedition, and simply, you can find gold!

And that’s not all! You will make your way through the cemetery, take a helicopter ride to Megapolis. Riddles, puzzles and secrets are everywhere.

Do you think everything? But no! You will have envious people and traitors who will be tricked into jail. You will have a chance to improve relations between prisoners and get out on freedom.

This is not a complete to-do list.