Perfect Match Need feedback Need publisher

The idea for Perfect Match project was conceived in 2018, and a few months later its implementation began. At the stage of defining the game concept, we were looking for a game mechanics option that would meet the following criteria: uniqueness, short learning curve, high player involvement, simplicity of implementation. We were looking for something that everyone, or almost everyone, liked, something that would make you click on the application launcher icon over and over again. So the concept was created, a simple, addictive, and somewhat unique game based around two players competing to draw. And the goal for winning a round is to match the given color more accurately than your opponent.

  • Game mechanics – no direct competitors
  • Simplicity – short learning curve to enter the game
  • Competitiveness – similar chances to win for the players of different levels
  • Involvement – multiplayer, playing against real people
  • Atmosphere – warm and friendly UI design, relaxing music
  • Artists – well recognizable legends of the art world
  • Characters – bright, funny, with elaborated animations
  • Content – 6 artists, 18 skins, 18 backgrounds, 200 items
  • Team – professional, enthusiastic and close-knit


Game Pitch, Presentation and Builds are available upon request.