If you are an experienced developer and clearly see how to create a successful game, if your budget is enough for development and promotion, then you don’t need a publisher. If above story is not about you – most likely you won’t be able to manage without publisher. Exceptions here happen very rarely. The competition in the gaming market is so high now that mass audience will hardly hear about your game without professional marketing.



There are two ways to find a publisher now: participation in special exhibitions and sending email requests directly to each publisher. We would like to offer the third way, probably more convenient and fast. Place your game info on our website, we will take care of making it known for publishers all over the world.

In addition we would like to solve another problem. If suddenly your game has not interested any publisher, we will help to find the reasons. Experts of the industry will leave their feedback to your game, pointing out its weaknesses and strong sides, and advise how to improve the game.



Creation of “Publisher Wanted” is initiative of Sergey Kopov. Having worked in the gaming industry for many years he has realized the necessity in such service. Special thanks for help to Aleksey Rehlov and Oleksandr Kompanets.