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“King Fight” is a real-time strategy game with tower defense elements. Having battles with global players and win them by summoning heroes to defeat the player opposite. Try your best to reach the highest honor every season.

“King fight” is different from other similar games by its race design.You can choose 2 from 10 races to use in every battle, and each of these race has 4 heroes. Every hero in this game has its unique skills. This sounds complicated, but not hard to skilled, even casual players can fight a classic battle.

-One battle takes around 5 minutes
-Players are encouraged to use different races
-Beautiful Artwork
-10 races to choose from (And 4 is about to finish)
-40 heroes with everyone at least 3 unique skills
-Play with global players (players in different division can match each other)
-Can have 1 VS 1 2 VS 2 battles
-Can take battle with your facebook friends

Joycombo, China, Shenzhen
Development Start Date
August, 2016
Ready to be released
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android
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