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Armageddon of spaceships! Do as many tricks as you can on 4 unique impossible cosmoport Fight Zones where the rivals can destroy your cosmos ship in any moment!

Apocalypse has come. In the cosmos the people that stayed alive continue to struggle so not to die. All they ships have nuclear engines, all they need – speed, all they want – extreme. Mad adventure begins. Your mad rivals are ready to stun you to get your cosmoship and your organs. Earn the respect or die and freeze in cosmos ocean. Grab your cosmoship, Defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Stars and glory in the Fight Zone! Extreme mad cosmoship bout game in this adventure saga!

Ships are controlled by a virtual joystick on the screen. Shooting from different guns and maneuvers are done by the same joystick. Despite different ships` mechanics all the basic controls remain the same.

Goal of the game – wisdomly using the strengths of your ship to destroy the enemy one. The goal is achieved by a clever choice of the position, marksmanship, good reaction and ingenuity.

The metagame is built around collecting and leveling up ships. Rapid progress at the beginning is gradually slowing down. Ships have a different rarity and are obtained randomly which slows down content discovery. It will take few months to obtain and upgrade all ships. At the same time, while gaining game experience player is climbing in the rating system.

Team located in Kiev, Ukraine, team size: 26, founding – own.

Development Start Date
February 15, 2016
Published worldwide
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android
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I would not be surprised if the game will be good. But this video is horrible

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