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World of Football – is the online football manager game. Start from the bottom of the standings, and bring your club to glory. Create your own unique style or use a tactic known trainers, buy new players at the transfer market to sign a contract, build the stadium and improve infrastructure. Make your own way to the top winning football managers from around the world.

What you can do in a game:
– Buy / sell players (auction system and agents)
– Play matches (for this purpose it has tournaments League , Champions League , Cup , International Friendlies)
– Change and adjust tactics “by itself” – (alignment, styles of play, teamwork, role players)
– Train players
– Engaged in rehabilitation of the players from injuries, fatigue and depression
– Build and improve the club’s infrastructure (stadium, restaurant, driving range, etc.)
– Hiring staff for additional bonuses in the game
– To sign contracts , to receive the money and in-game currency
– Create a t-shirt and the logo of their club

The goal of the game, each season (28 days) to win as many trophies as possible. When season ends, the players have taken certain places, moving to a higher level, but the current players are already weaker than what motivates a player to pursue an active transfer campaign.

Released in several countries
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android, Facebook
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You are huge liers. You don’t pay to your subcontractors (developers and artists). You still owe my company ( 1850 USD for art. Publishers, please don’t invest in htis game.

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