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You play as a talented, but irresponsible physicist. Due to a failure experiment you are stuck in frozen time and attacked by Time Keepers.

You have just 3 hours until the surrounding space collapses and you will cease to exist. Escape the endless cycle of deaths and rebirths and get the time running again. Langoliers meet Serious Sam with science.

Arcade action — every round the player is attacked by waves of enemies (Serious Sam style). After being killed enemies drop particles, which are used for crafting items, weapons, meds and upgrades.

Craft-based survival — everything useful like items, meds, food and upgrades can be crafted or found in containers around the location.

Arena — the location physically transforms after the player completes every enemy wave (there appear new obstacles, resources, containers and vantage points).

Storyline — notes, diaries and audio records to discover the story deeper.

Team SID, Novosibirsk, Russia
Development Start Date
February 1, 2017
In development
Game engine
Target platforms
PC, Steam, Console

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